About Us

Our goal is to serve amazing food to everyone

The Best Ingredients

Our quest for the best ingredients is evident from our focus on ‘Peri Peri’ that brings out the finest taste in the form of sauce, marinade, or a dip. Similarly for the meat, herbs, and all other ingredients of our food, we find the best of the world and bring it to you.

Rich Recipes

Our recipes, just like our ingredients, have been collected from around the world: kebab, grilled chicken, sandwiches, salads, and sauces each brings their own tradition of taste and nutrition to our kitchen.

Victoria Grill frees you from making a choice between taste and health. We bring you extra delicious chicken cooked under hygienic conditions with health-friendly recipes. We are proud to bring you flavor-rich chicken – a delicious mélange of tastes from Portugal and South Asia with hints of flavors from Middle East – something to suit all savors and appetites. When the best cuts of meat are selected and cooked with less than 1 percent of oil, the outcome is an unforgettable combination of healthy and tasty food like you’d never experienced before.

Victoria Grill stands for best ingredients, rich recipes, and the latest cooking technology combined in an extraordinary fine dining experience for our customers.

Our team

Victoria Grill team comprises of experienced, expert, and extraordinary professionals from culinary industry. Our management team comes with around two decades of experience in professional hotel management. Our team members have been a part of various international hotels and restaurants as management, chefs, and cooking instructors.

Latest Cooking Technology

We are among the forerunners who have adopted the latest cooking technology to improve the quality and taste of food. The latest equipment at our facilities guarantees freshness and hygiene at all stages of food preparation and serving. We serve nutritious, finest tasting meal each time a customer visits our outlets.

Fine Dining

Our commitment to excellence is evident with the sophisticated, comfy, and exquisite dining experience that we offer. After painstakingly ensuring supreme quality and taste of the food, we complete our offer with a top of the line dining: perfect ambiance, finest cutlery, and flawless service. Visit us at any of our outlets and experience it for yourself!